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(no subject) [Mar. 2nd, 2005|10:01 pm]
I feel like I'm making great strides in organizing. Having a general schedule helps immensely. Mark and I work out twice a week and grocery shop yet another day. Every week. This regularity keeps me focused and it really does help. So far, I haven't lost my keys once this month, thanks to religiously keeping them on the dry bar. And when surprise guests stop by, the kitchen isn't a total wreck due to Mark's convincing me that dirty dishes need to be cleaned after used. Huh. It will get better... I'll get better. I think incorporating everyone's suggestions one at a time will help them stick. Thanks!!
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Resolution time [Dec. 17th, 2004|03:22 pm]
Now, I'll be the first to say I HATE new-year's resolutions. I do. And usually, I hate the type of people who make them. You know the type that signs up for a gym membership on Jan 1, never to be seen inside it again. I resolved when I was very young that I would never make a new-year's resolution and never be that person.

Goals, however. Goals are different, especially when they come throughout the year. I think setting a goal is great. And since it's not quite the new year and since I have deemed goals acceptable, I have a new one.

I need to get organized. I've had this need ever since I moved in with Mark; but the desire really struck me recently. Not really sure why I suddenly have this instinct other than losing things occasionally that should never be lost. I know Mark bought the house and really if the shit hit the fan, he's the one screwed most out of the deal. But, for some reason, I have this overwhelming since of responsibility... for him. He and I now live together. Live. Together. I need to care for another person more than I've ever cared for anyone in my life. (Keep in mind that I'm an only child and never had that sibling thing to teach me all that while I was growing up.) And part of that responsibility is to be organized.

Yeah, and there's a difference between what I'm feeling and the 'making him dinner every night, drawing his bath and cleaning the house' bullshit someone could infer. No. What I feel is this need to make sure we're both - good. But, I've never had to make sure anyone else was good besides me before. Not really sure how to go about it. Somehow, I think being organized will help. I know I'll be less stressed and hell, that's worth it in and of itself.

Not really sure how to get more organized. If I knew, I probably wouldn't need to do it. And that's my goal, my general desire, my resolution thingy: To get more organized. I think it will be good for us both.
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(no subject) [Dec. 7th, 2004|03:47 pm]
[music |Krob popping cyber bubble wrap]

Given too much time to think is maybe not the best thing for me. I've found that although I surround myself with incredibly talented, intelligent, beautiful people, I am none of these things. I should stop now, not that I'm ahead.

So, Julia's coming over tonight for craft day! Maybe one of you lucky, lucky readers will be honored with a craft made by yours truly for a holiday present. Calm down, I know you're thrilled.

Tomorrow I have to battle 5:00 traffic for 20 miles to get to Kat's. Dreading this excursion.

Your name is KRob.

That is all.
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(no subject) [Nov. 10th, 2004|01:49 pm]
So, after being sad and angry and generally upset, I've decided that everyone left of the middle needs to get organized. I don't exactly know how at the moment. Hell, I don't even really know what went wrong. But, that's my general thinking right now.

What really bugs me is how I just can't shake it. I've cried, I've ranted to Mark for what has added up to hours. *Sorry, Babe* Usually, though distraught, I can get over an upset relatively quickly. I don't know what it is this time. It just feels like this complete detachment from everything around me.

This isn't my country right now.
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(no subject) [Nov. 4th, 2004|08:39 am]
I actually cried yesterday.
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Happy Election Day! [Nov. 2nd, 2004|08:51 am]
I don't need to tell everyone to go vote. I don't need to, but I will. Please go vote. I know the reasons people give for not voting, I hear the excuses. But, I can't help but think of my grandmother who was alive when women weren't allowed to vote. I'll repeat for emphasis:

My grandmother was alive when women weren't allowed to vote.

Granted she wasn't more than 12, but I think it's incredible that she lived through that and can tell me stories about a time I can't even fathom. I won't dishonor her and her mother (my namesake) by not voting. I won't abuse my citizenship that way.

Please go vote. Go vote. Go vote.
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(no subject) [Oct. 11th, 2004|08:27 am]
This past Saturday I celebrated my birthday. It began with breakfast in bed made by Mark. My favorite: breakfast tacos. I then went to spend the day with my girls where we watched recorded episodes of Gilmore Girls, ate homemade potstickers and planted herbs in a window box. Nothing funny, mind you. I planted dill, lemon grass and cilantro. It'll be nice if I can keep them alive long enough to cook with them.

We then got dressed and ready for dinner at Buca di Peppo's. This year went much smoother than last year when I made a reservation for 15 and 20 showed up. This time we were prepared and they even let us bring in our own cake. Because everyone was having such a good time we decided to go to a bar that another friend works at. There, we enjoyed free or very cheap drinks until we were all nicely tossed. All in all it was a very fun birthday. My friends are clever and sweet and I'm not just saying that because they gave me presents.
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Holy Crap, Look Who Updated! [Oct. 5th, 2004|01:38 pm]
That's right. I'm back and better than ever. Wow, a lot has happened since I last updated. Where to begin... Mark and I found a house and he bought it!

There are 4 bedrooms, two living areas and a fireplace. However, part of the reason it was so affordable was the fact that it was a little on the fixer-upper side. So, there is lots of space And lots of crap. We are still spending the majority of our time cleaning as the first thing people asked as they walked in was, "How many years has this place been abandoned?" Correct answer: None, they moved out the day before we moved in. But, anyone could see that the place was a wreck.

So this past month has been spent cleaning, picking out paint colors, cleaning, buying furniture, cleaning, you get the idea.

We just got back from Vermont last night where we spent a long weekend. It was wonderful! My family was perfect as always and extremely gracious. Whenever I visit them I feel as if part of me has come home. Mark really enjoyed himself and took quite a shine to everyone. I'm really glad he did have such a good time so that when I try to convince him we need a summer home in Vermont he'll be more open to the suggestion.

I'll have to write in more detail about our trip and learn how to post pictures. One day we will have internet access at home. One day.
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(no subject) [Jun. 8th, 2004|08:23 am]
The search for a house continues. It's an extremely frustrating process. It seems like every time we find a house that we can see ourselves in, we learn that it's been under contract for a week already without a realtor updating their site or it needs repairs beyond what we feel we can afford.

And friends and family obligations impede on the house hunting process. This sounds like I don't want to see them, but I do. I really love seeing everyone. It just makes looking for a house impossible as we drive slowly along streets after 10pm, squinting in the dark at houses and scaring the bejesus out of potential neighbors.
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(no subject) [May. 17th, 2004|04:11 pm]
I'm looking forward to tonight's walk with Chris and Kat. After watching Mark, KRob and other friends complete the Shiner Bash (86 miles)and then meeting some triathletes, I'm feeling a bit jiggly.

KRob and Mark really were amazing on Saturday and are little heroes in my eyes. It takes a lot of work and sheer will to do what they did. Even seasoned athletes said it was hard on them. If anyone I know sees either of them they need to congratulate them on the spot.

Mark got a digital camera yesterday! This is very exciting news as now we can actually update the website. I know people are on pins and needles waiting for updates...
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